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About Kove

Welcome to Kove, a progressive fine-dine vegetarian restaurant from the house of Annapoorna. The menu at Kove is a carefully curated selection of specialities and unique flavours, tastes and textures. We have handpicked dishes from a few popular cuisines from across the globe, creating a menu which can excite the adventurous diner, yet satisfy traditional tastes and evoke nostalgia. We have taken great care in presenting this menu to you and our highly experienced team will ensure that your culinary experience is unparalleled. Our food is made with fresh, local, seasonal produce and some authentic ingredients sourced from across the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that some of the herbs we use in our food are homegrown in our very own kitchen. All the products in our menu are 100% vegetarian. If you have any allergies or a specific ingredient that you do not like, please let us know and our team of expert chefs will whip it up the way you like it. 

We have also envisioned Kove to be the epitome of fine service and hospitality. we have selected a highly capable team with the sole aim of ensuring you enjoy top notch service. This iconic building in which Kove is located has been the symbol of Annapoorna of more than 50 years. Annapoorna as group has grown from this building and people of Kovai have shown it so much love. The Love we have for Kovai and its people is what Kove is about. In fact, the extensive use of Fabric and copper in our décor is a tribute to the two great industries of this city, Textiles and Engineering.  We hope you enjoy your food and your experience at Kove as much as we enjoyed putting this together for you.

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